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What To Do If You & Your Partner Don’t Travel Well Together

by Bonnie Glover

Some people think that traveling with your spouse is a no-brainer. After all, you’re already used to sharing a bed on weekdays and dealing with the stresses of daily life together. Plus, you probably have some travel-savvy friends or family members who can offer helpful tips for planning a vacation or at least give you an idea about where to start in terms of research.
But there are also plenty of couples who don’t take vacations well together. They might not be able to plan their own trips as easily as others do, but they still want to get away from it all. And sometimes, when things aren’t going right, it’s easy to blame something other than yourself. Let’s look at some reasons why this happens so we can learn how to overcome these challenges.

You may just need some time to “reconnect” before you head out on the road again. Some people find that taking a break from each other makes them more appreciative of one another during downtimes. Others say that if you’ve been separated for a while, the novelty of being together again has worn off by the time you actually arrive at your destination (or maybe you’re just too tired after the last day of work).

Whatever your reason for wanting to spend some alone time without your partner, it’s important to remember that spending even two days apart from your beloved can help reconnect you in ways you never thought possible.
Another common problem is that many travelers’ priorities and schedules differ. Maybe your husband would love to see Paris, while you’d rather visit Rome. Or perhaps he dreams of hiking up mountains in Nepal, while you’d much prefer relaxing beachside in Thailand.

This doesn’t mean that either person should feel bad about enjoying their favorite parts of those destinations. It just means that neither person will enjoy every moment spent in the other’s chosen spot. In fact, it’s better to come up with a compromise that both of you are happy with. The best way to do this is to talk openly about your plans and preferences before you leave home.

The next issue often arises because of money constraints. For example, maybe your budget won’t allow you to fly somewhere far away, but you still want to see New York City. Or maybe you really like visiting museums, but your boyfriend prefers outdoor activities.

Perhaps you’d both like to try new restaurants, but his taste buds lean toward Mexican food while yours favor Italian fare. One solution here is to choose cities based on price and then branch out from there. Sure, you’ll miss out on exploring local culture, but you’ll also save a lot of money.

If the trip itself isn’t working, consider changing your approach. Sometimes trying new methods can make everything seem fresher and more exciting. Try switching up hotel accommodations and activities.

Give yourself permission to explore places that interest you, even if they aren’t exactly what your partner wants. Make sure you include enough free time so that you can hang out with your own group of friends or meet up with other couples.
Sometimes, it helps to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship instead of dwelling on the negative ones. Think about fun memories you shared over the years. What did you do when you were first dating? How does your current partnership compare to past relationships?

These questions can help remind you of what made you fall in love in the first place. Then, ask yourself whether any of your problems stem from issues outside of your control. Did your boss change jobs unexpectedly? Is your health declining due to medical conditions? Have you recently moved? Are you stressed out about work? Take responsibility for your part in whatever caused the stress, and then decide how you can tackle it moving forward.

When traveling, women generally tend to worry more about their appearance than men do. Women should always dress appropriately for their surroundings and avoid wearing tight clothing that shows off every inch of cellulite. Men shouldn’t wear baggy clothes either; skinny jeans are great for casual occasions, while khakis and button-down shirts work well for business meetings.

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